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Maia Nolan-Partnow | Blog CoachHi. I’m Maia, an Alaska-grown, Milwaukee-transplanted creative content consultant with a background in journalism, advertising, public relations, social media and branding.

I started my career in print journalism at age 17. But it was when I hit publish on my first personal blog post in 2004 that I started taking control of my own voice. Now I work with companies and personal bloggers alike to help them do the same.

An experienced editor and award-winning columnist with a background in online news, I’ve also worked in marketing and advertising and taught college writing. As an executive at Alaska’s largest news organization, I built the first and only in-house custom sponsored content studio at any media company in the state. I’ve seen every side of the media business, from content creation to publication, marketing and outreach to sales and revenue. I’ve worked on successful projects and total failures. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that ultimately, when it comes to attracting real readers and having a meaningful impact, nothing matters more than the quality of your content.

Whether you’re a 24/7 news site or an individual blogger, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one simple question: Do you publish good content that people want to read? If the answer isn’t “yes”… nothing else matters.

My first love is writing. My second is working with writers like you to realize your creative potential — to find your voice — and help you feel confident in sharing your words with the world.

Let’s get started.

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Blog Coaching

Think you can’t afford a blog coach? Think again.

Blog coaching doesn’t have to break the bank. Along with free social media offerings and affordable, evergreen courses, I offer a range of blog coaching packages priced with real people in mind. Contact me for a free consultation!

When we work together, you’ll learn from my mistakes — the things I wish I’d considered when I started blogging, the habits I had to learn (and re-learn, and continue learning…), and what happens when you blog without intention.

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In addition to working on your blog’s voice, our coaching sessions will cover topics like:

  • Things to consider before starting your blog
  • Sharing and setting boundaries in your blog life
  • Building good blogging habits
  • Making time to blog
  • Thinking like a blogger

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I started blogging in 2004, back when you had to learn HTML if you wanted to change the color of your Blogger header. The blogging world has changed and grown exponentially since then, and much of that change has been good.

At the same time, the more sites there are crowding the blogosphere, the harder it can feel to stand out. SEO, marketing, photos, and site design all play a role. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to content. If readers connect with you and like what you have to say, they’ll keep coming back for more.

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Whether you’re just getting started, struggling to find your niche, or looking for a set of outside eyes to help you with a refresh, I’d love to work with you to refine and define your voice as a blogger.


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After nearly 15 years as a blogger, more than two decades as a professional writer, and years of experience working on social media and marketing campaigns for major regional brands and organizations, I’ve got a ton of knowledge to share. With affordable Wintergreen blogging courses on Teachable, you can learn on your schedule! I’ll be adding new courses throughout the year, and you can be the first to know about them by signing up for my Blogging With Voice newsletter!

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Content Consulting

No time to do it yourself? I offer quick, clean, creative copywriting, often at a flat rate.

Project pricing includes two rounds of client revisions. Revisions in excess of two rounds will be subject to a 10 percent surcharge per additional round.

They say when it comes to creative work, it can be fast, cheap, or good — pick two. In my opinion, good should be a given. The other option is up to you:

Writing & Strategy Fast  Cheap 
Press release $300 (24 hours) $150 (48 hours)
Other writing & revision $200/hour (24 hours) $100/hour (turnaround varies)
Proposal/RFP response* $200/hour (1 week) $125/hour (turnaround varies)

Website copy is priced by project; contact me to set up a free consultation.

* Includes writing services only. Layout/design services are priced by project; price available upon request.

Radio/Audio Fast (48 hours) Cheap (up to one week)
15-second spot concept & script $300 $200
15-second spot (script only) $150 $75
30-second spot concept & script $600 $300
30-second spot script only $300 $150
60-second spot concept & script $800 $400
60-second spot script only $400 $200
TV/Video Fast (48 hours) Cheap (up to one week)
30-second spot concept & script $1,200 $600
30-second spot (script only) $800 $400
1-to-5-minute video concept and script $1,200 per minute $600 per minute
1-to-5-minute video (script only) $800 per minute $400 per minute
5+ minute video Priced upon request Priced upon request
Display Ads (Print/Digital) Fast (2 business days) Cheap (4 business days)
Concept & copy $300 $150
Copy only $150 $75
The whole enchilada (concept, copy and design) Priced upon request Priced upon request


Social Media Fast  Cheap 
Social media review $1,000 (2 business days) $500 (3-5 business days)
Social media strategy plan $1,800 (3 business days) $1,000 (8-10 business days)
Social media content & management Price upon request


Ready to get started? Got some questions about your project? Looking for a service you don’t see listed on the site? No problem. Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch posthaste.