Social Media For Small Business

Your road map to social success.

So. You run a business and you know you’re supposed to be “doing social media,” whatever that means. Even if you have the time and energy to come up with content to post, how do you know what you should be posting, where to find your audience, or how (and why!) to spend time engaging with your followers?

You probably already know this, but just in case, let’s be clear: Effective social media accounts don’t skate on luck and instinct, and they’re not just focused on accumulating fans and getting “likes.” The small businesses that excel on social are using smart, thoughtful strategy to connect with followers and convert them to customers. 

Who’s got the time to figure all that out?

Hi there! Me. I do.

With a small business social media strategy from Wintergreen, you’ll have a road map to guide your company’s social journey. No fumbling in the dark to figure out targeting parameters. No guessing about when and how and what to post. You’ll know who you’re trying to reach, what you have to offer them, and how to communicate in a way that’s in line with your brand personality.

What I’ll do:

  • Research your market and competitors on social media
  • Analyze social’s most effective role in your overall marketing mix
  • Recommend ad targeting audiences
  • Provide sample editorial calendars and posting schedules
  • Suggest types of content tailored to your business objectives
  • Provide strategies for engaging with customers online
  • Model an in-house social media management plan
  • Hand you a ready-to-use social media strategy that you can implement at your discretion, on your timeline

What you’ll do:

  • Answer a few questions about your business
  • Maybe sit down and drink a cup of coffee
  • Focus on doing what you love while I chart your social course

It can’t be that easy.

And yet it is. You tell me about your business and then get back to running it. I do the homework so you can easily incorporate social media into your daily routine.

I should add one caveat: Investing in your strategy is the easy part. There’s still the daily work of updating and engaging with your accounts — but once you’ve implemented your custom social media strategy, you’ll find it’s easier, less stressful… maybe even fun!

What does it cost?


That’s right. I just put the price right out there. I know that’s probably not what you’re used to seeing — don’t I expect you to take a webinar first or sign up for a newsletter or download an ebook?

Nope. Although I have some of those options and I’d be happy to have you on my mailing list! Just say the word.

I’m up front about the price because I get it: You’re an entrepreneur, you’re busy, and you need to know what a service will cost so you can weigh the potential return on investment.

Here’s what you get for your one-time payment of $1,500:

  • Your personal, comprehensive social media roadmap, designed specifically for your business, your market, and your objectives — not just a cookie-cutter template based on your industry.
  • Three coaching sessions — in person, over the phone or online — up to one hour each, to help you implement and hone your social strategy.
  • Optional: Initial setup or refresh/rebrand of any social media accounts recommended in your strategy document.
  • An extra 15 minutes every day — the time you won’t spend panicking about how to promote your business on social media.

Ready to get started?

Drop me an email and let’s hop on the phone for a quick consultation! If we’re going to work together, we want to make sure it’s the right fit. We’ll chat about your business, your goals, and my approach to see if the Wintergreen small business social media strategy is the right solution for you.